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No Friend Blues

A friend (??) told me he could not imagine going to the Bryan Adams concert with anyone else other than me because of the fact that I used to share my Bryan Adams information with him. I told him about the affordability issue, he said no way; you are going no matter what…
Well, I am not going, and there is no sign of my friend (??). He came over the weekend to a restaurant next to Dads store and didn’t even come to say “hi”. Some Friend.
I am counting the days left for the 11th of Feb because that’s when it would have been a complete month without meeting any friend o mine.

I am so happy that I have this blog and thank each and everyone who reads this blog and comments (and I thank the non commentors, too).
Mars, Sadaf, Green Head, Insiya, TDH, Zag, Mayya, Extiinct , Subhana , Zeeshan and the two recent ones, Psyched and WaterSprite…
(Did I miss any other commentors’ name?)
It is due to the people who read my blog, that I blog….without any readers it would be like talking to myself.

Just for the record, this is my 3rd blog. The first one lost the host. The second one also had a similar fate, my friend who owned the domain name, lost the name and the blog went phatooey.
So here I am running Life Manual hoping that this doesn’t get sucked up. I made this blog a tad before my friend (who owned the second blog I used to write in) sent me an invite for a fourth blog. Piggsee. I accepted but later came to know that how hard it is to have more than one blog unless it is known how we will segregate the posts that go on each blog.

Coming back to the musical aspect of this post, I am waiting for the day Jal or Atif Aslam could come and perform in Qatar. When I went to Pakistan last year (Karachi being my first stop), I missed rock Karachi rock by just ONE day. I landed on 4th of July and there were billboards everywhere and there was one really big one advertising Rock Karachi Rock on the 3rd of July.Oppurtunity missed. The last time I went to a concert was to mark the independence day of Pakistan and if I tell you the artists I viewed I might be showered with chappals, shoes and all other kinds of footwear.

Maybe this post was better named as No Concert Blues but it’s all the same.


Goli Daina koi meray Doston(??) say seekhay.

The last time I met a friend was on Eid and that too for half an hour.
I have been left for the dumpster man to come pick me up.

But due to their absence an ex-classmate has appeared to become the best choice as an activity partner. If that is any condolence, I have a choice activity partner but no activity.
Although I have a belly, I want this activity to be strenuous and physically difficult. So my belly goes and that I have an activity. ( and oh! not to forget my activity partner.)

Problems of the activity partner:

1. He already has one. (both an activity and an activity partner)
2. He is Pakhtun. (so is his activity partner)
3. He is “into” something new for a few months and then is out of it.
4. He has not agreed (because he hasn’t been asked) to become an activity partner.

Okay, let’s just go through the problems quickly.

No.1, No.3 and No.4 are that he might be tired (noun and adjective) already from doing what he does.

No.2: A human naturally has a tendency to like that person more who is from his/her own community, so not a big chance of mine getting a preference over his already present activity partner (and yeah I missed another thing too, his activity partner is also his friend).

So, my activity partner might just leave me for the dumpster man too!

I hope not all my friends are goli firing ones.


Liquids And Species

A perfume made for women is designed to touch a womans sense of smell in such a way that she is attracted to it (so that she will eventually buy it).
Now,here is a piece of advice for any boy willing to catch a girls attention.

Wear a womens perfume.

Okay now now, lets even things out here a bit.

Women do not need to wear a mens perfume to catch a mans attention thats because there is already a liquid flowing in men which makes em run after females,the tap of which has gone awry for quite some ages (and for ages to come) and the liquid is overflowing.


Next Post: Dingle Days.

This “Dingle Days” has a subtitle too and it is plainly : The Leader.


Look it’s me!

I am Famous. Fakely.
No no, don’t get the wrong idea; my name really is Hani Arif. It is just that I tend be “known”, as in popular(famous),get it,get it?

What are the points to verify my claim?

The Eatery.
The Drink:

Well, if having a restaurant and a drink to my name isn’t enough there are lots of songs with my mention in them. But coincidentally or not, almost always the times my name is preceded with a Ka.


KaHani Mohabbat ki by Strings
Watan KaHani by Awaz.

and so on,they put the Ka so that it wouldn’t be easy for me to detect what the artists were upto, laikin mein chota bacha nahin!!!
I might sound as a bit of a snob with this post but iss mein meri kiya ghalti hai? I didn’t force the respective people to use my name, they did it themselves,because they adore me???

Well anyone who was wondering what I look like will have to wait no more. As here below I post my pic…

Just scroll down a bit…

Cute,ain’t I?