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Food (and drink) Awards

First of all I would like to say that these names which are to come will be familiar to people living in Qatar and wouldn’t be pertinent for other country readers. For my comment on restaurants in Pakistan, scroll down.

Secondly, these awards that I am giving are based on my current taste.

Chicken: Santa fe by Hardees.
Red Meat: Big Tasty by McDonalds.
Fish:Grilled Fish Hammour by Hardees.

New York’s Finest by Yellow Cab Pizza.

Falafel: BARBAR
Shawarma: currently there are no shawarma joints that I consider good.

Pralines n’ Cream by Baskin Robbins

Praline Pleasure by Baskin Robbins.

I did not go around much restaurants in Pakistan in order to enable me to have awards for them.
Although, I can say that best Pizzas are at Frangoz.
My favourite restaurant remains Cafe Zouk.
I liked Cafe Aylanto’s service the most until I ate at Arizona Grill.
Had Marble Stones mint chocolate shake was cool.

My next trip to Lahore would enable me to give food awards for those restaurants.

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Sbarro, I am beginning to hate you.

My expectations with Sbarro were greatly thrashed with the 2nd trial of their food.What made me make this post is when I tried their food for the 3rd time as a dine-in customer. Gone are the china ware plates to be replaced by disposable foam ones, and as a right compliment to those foam plates were the plastic forks and knives.

The food being as it was (un-tasty), the atmosphere was not comfortable either , the cooling system was not working properly .The lighting is dim giving a feeling of oldness. I think the current owners are playing around with the ingredients because the taste of the current Sbarro fails to “tantalize” my taste buds.


I was never a haagen-dazs fan but when I had their stick “ cookies and cream” in Lahore, I quite enjoyed it. Coming back to Qatar upon seeing a Haagen Dazs outlet it hit me that I never had their milk shake and decided to go for it. When I saw the milk that the staff used I got a feeling on how the taste was going to be. The milkshake tasted exactly like the food that is charged with a higher price validated by the HEALTHY name tag.

I haven’t given up on Sbarro yet,since my brand loyalty is kicking in.

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