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Coke Studio Episode 02

Maybe it was Episode 01 that took my expectations higher, or maybe it was the excellence of the
musicians in Epsiode 01 that couldn’t be matched by the perfomers in Episode 01.
The uniqueness of the first episode was that the songs were not performed in the usual way, be it
Deewana,Paheliyan or Garaj Baras and there was youthfulness all around. Rahat Fateh was excellent as well with the effortless merging of his singing with Ali Azmats.The musicians just
merged with each other ,in short, the whole episode was full of seamless performances.

Episode 02 showed Strings bringing their own musicians along and it seemed the drummer was
putting in so much effort to get his playing co-ordinate with others. The bassist and the lead guitarists were nice though.I wasn’t much impressed with the vocals other than Faisals in Duur.
Saba and Selina were good but I would have loved them doing an Urdu track in their style.

Lets see what Ali Zafar can conjure up with in the next episode and also looking forward for Sajid to do some coolness as well…


Album Release

Ahmed Jehanzeb is out with his album all of a sudden,Laut Aao.
No song leaks ,no demo leaks and the album is out there right in front of us. I usually don’t listen to
albums online before I own them ( the ones which I plan to own,that is) to outlast the feel of inserting the cd into the player and relishing the new sounds.

As you may know by now that Ahmad is one of my favorite solo artists along with Atif and
Faakhir,so it was one of the most anticipated albums for me. With Atif  relieving me, Ahmed
leaving me on a see-saw, only left solo artist is Faakhir.

Although, I have a feeling that the lyrical content wouldn’t be as superior as Parastish, I hope a maturer Ahmad would result in better melodies and this album would be another classic.

Check out the first video of the album Chandni Raat

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Coke Studio

Ladies and Gentleman, forget everything you’re doing .
Pakistani music has arrived full time on to the scene, and those pakistani musicians who claim, that the music standard is not upto the mark , may please use their corrective hearing aids in order to realize the truth.
Rohail Hyatt proves with this project that he was well placed in Pakistans most respected pop bandVital Signs and has produced what maybe a show to be remembered for years to come.Yesterday was the airing of the first episode which featured, Ali Azmat,Rahat Fateh Ali Khan,Omran Shafique.
Gumby was fantastic with his drummming and I can easily say, he is possibly the best drummer in Pakistan.
I was so impressed with the whole concept and the programme, that it makes me feel like leaving my own job and go pursue a career in music.There is a reason why the only music I follow now is Pakistani Music, it is just simply brilliant.

The must listen to songs to in this episode were Garaj baras and Paheliyan. Omrans guitaring ability is prominent in Garaj baras.


Repair Broken

It is safe to refer to Qatars Industrial Area as infamous. Qatars Industrial Area is composed of all
the factories of FMCG’s and the repair /service centres of local car dealers.
I went over there today to get my car serviced, oil change etc.
Now, there is no single street in all of the area, which is a no-pothole road so if you go their for any purpose , the streets are so bad,that you end up think, uh-uh the cars going to need repairs.
And there seems to be trucks and trailers parked on every single available sandspot, parking spot. It just gets so confusing and I feel very uneasy driving in that area the only relevant driving related feeling I can say is the feeling you’ll get if you’re trying to park in reverse in a tight spot constantly.
It’s funny on how the same say seems to feel hotter in the Industrial Area.

So I go to the garage at 7:30am and I give in the car and the attendant tells me the car will be ready at 4pm,and expects me to be back at that time. I just wait since I don’t have any mode of transport to go and come back. Take a little nap and talk a little with a person over there, and to cut the long story short I was home at 11:30 am. 😀 ..

Although I didn’t intend to visit Pakistan this year, but it seems like Karachi was running all over my mind while waiting in the moist warm room ( a/c was out of order)!