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Zau- Bhula Na Paaonga


Lighting is to a picture what a melody is to a song.

Although, the tune doesn’t sound modern but the way the day to day words have been integrated in to the
excellent melody to make a very easy to listen to track, is commendable.
Since I am providing a video link to the song therefore I must mention the video too,
although it is a performance based video but the silhouette capturing is ironically
refreshing to look at.

Truly a track that will be listened to for many years to come.
Here isZau


Author: Hani

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2 thoughts on “Zau- Bhula Na Paaonga

  1. I really Love Pakistani Underground Bands songs…But i m trying to make a forum in Bangladesh and i need Help…i heard Zau the band’s Aansu Songs and its Grear toooo…also heard all songs and Bhula na Paonga was owesome….Sayem

  2. it’s great to know that Pakistani music is appreciated by people other than Pakistanis ,maybe as they say ,music really is universal.

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